Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to Lisa! Glad to have you back.

We are very pleased to have Lisa Ratte back at Willow Grove, until her next world adventure calls. For those of you who do not know Lisa very well we put together a little introduction for you.

Lisa began riding on a military base Chile when she was 12 years old, where her South American coach’s combination of headstands on horseback, somersault dismounts, races through the desert, acrobatics and show jumping provided her with an eclectic beginning to her riding career. Lisa’s passion for show jumping brought her to a show stable in California, where her training focused on hunters and jumpers. During high school she showed competitively throughout the California and Oregon show circuits, and she developed a love for bringing along green horses. She believes that there is nothing more satisfying than training a young horse, and watching it progress and develop its skills.
In 2002 Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, and applies her equine specialization to care for the first aid and nutrition of horses under her care. After graduation Lisa strived to further develop her skills as a rider, so she travelled to Belgium, where she rode sales horses for Stephex, the sales barn where Hickstead was purchased by Eric Lamaze.
After spending two years coaching riders in California, Lisa discovered the rewards of watching her students’ skills improve and the growth of their confidence as they achieved their goals. The joy that she got out of coaching inspired her to travel to New Zealand in 2004, where she earned her degree in Education.
After spending five years teaching math and science to students in Canada, England and China, Lisa has returned to coaching riders. She combines her equitation background with her knowledge of classroom teaching and learning to help her students achieve their riding goals. Lisa’s passion for equitation makes it a strong focus in her coaching, as she believes that proper position is not only a rider’s foundation, but that it has a huge impact on a horse’s way of going.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stripes and Checks

And on a final note (re: CJ). She is even the fashion police when it comes to PJ's as well.
I really don't see the problem. Checks and Stripes. Who would see me anyway? Well a lot of people now I guess.

It is amazing she did not call these guys!

Day 2 - Bar 4

Do you think we are making Lori nervous that we are steering her youngster astray. Day 2 - Bar 4. Really very little drinking happening. Lovely walk on the shore of Lake Ontario. Shopping for healthy food. Waht trouble could we get into. Happy Birthday Fran. It was a great day.

What we have learned at the horse show so far!

Shelby: "The name of the lake is Lake Ontario." See it is an educational trip.

Shuttle Bus driver is the best free tour of Toronto. A wealth of information.

The famous gate leading into the Royal Winter Fair is actually the "Princes" gate (as in multiple male royals) not the "princess" gate that we all thought it was.

The oldest bar in Toronto was established in 1829 and is called "The Wheat and Sheaf".

And he was also an expert in hotels (did you know the Best Western does not own any of the hotels they are strickly a reservation center?) and had commentary on airlines. Porter Air is in - don't ask him about Air Canada.

We are sure to learn more from this wonderful entertaining fellow this next week.
Talent Squad finals on Friday and Saturday. This is the main ring where all the action takes place.
Ricoh Colesium. We head there early in the morning for a workout. It will be a reasonable 5am start tomorrow.

Little known facts about CJ.

Here is Caroline practising patience while we get Roo settled into his stall. We all know she is very talented in many ways. But danger lurks. We did not know. No one told us......Help!!

This is a warning to all around. Do not step into a revolving door with Mrs. Jones. Her inner devil comes out and she spins it as fast as she can - laughing as she skips away. I almost lost my CET Medal rider.
Then we learn there has been terriflying events as well on the Teacup Ride at Disneyland. Yes I phoned Angelica to confirm.
So for all of you who know the beautiful, talented, calm and generous Caroline - there maybe trouble ahead. A warning to all those in New York in December............Watch out!

Limo Time!

Here is proof that Shelby and I are responsible!!! She is doing homework on the plane!!!

Limo anyone. That's the way to travel girls..............